Monday, December 11, 2017

Bike Riding Smock

  • 1 front panel (rainbow) is 22 inches wide (stretchy dimension) by 25 inches tall. Ignore the extra flap on the far side making it irregular, I thought better of that and cut it off later.
  • 2 back panels (green) are 11 inches wide (stretchy dimension) by 21.5 inches tall, less a 2 inch by 5 inch triangle. Ignore the extra flap on the far side making the pieces not symetric, I thought better of that and cut it off later.
  • Hood (pink), see photo on cutting mat, make sure the stretch goes AROUND the head.
  • Mouth cover (rainbow) see photo on cutting mat (this piece could be half the size--more like 4.5 (stretchy way) by 3 inches--and been fine, I was just being lazy and cut to size after assembly)

  • For reference, my daughter had just turned 3 when I made this.  She is 50th percentile on height and weight, but has a slightly small head for her age.  I think the size is pretty forgiving since this is just a smock, but the hood might need to be sized up a bit for a bigger/older kid.

1. Placed the back (green) pieces on top of the front (rainbow) piece, right sides together, with the cut off corner on the outside and down a bit, as shown.  Sliced the diagonal cut into the front (rainbow) piece as well to match.

2. Pinned along the long (non-stretchy) side, and up along the diagonal cut.

3. Folded the front (rainbow) loose flap back, and pinned it to the top of the back (green) fabric.  This forms the wrap around collar for the child's neck.  Stitch these, and do the same on the other side.  You can leave arm holes at the top of the line stitching lines if you want, but it kind of defeats the purpose of putting the arms inside for warmth.

4. Now it looks like this if you put it on a kiddo and she holds really still, though after a minute of wiggling, she knocked it off her face entirely.

5. I didn't take pictures of assembling the hood, because I was not thinking about my blog.  So use your imagination and my annotations.

6. Stitch the hood (pink) to the hood (pink) along the dotted yellow curve, right sides together.

7. Stitch one the orange lines on each side of the hood (pink) to one side of the mouth cover (rainbow).  Only stitch up about 3 inches, as we want to leave eye holes.  I folded the rest of the fabric down inside so she has two layers over her mouth, but you could just cut a smaller piece as easily.

8. Next stitch the base of the hood and mouth cover to the collar (wrap around rainbow part) of the main body.  You'll need to do some stretching because the collar is 22 inches long and the hood is only about 20 inches.  I didn't stretch at all where I was attaching hood (pink) to the collar, but I stretched like mad over the mouth piece (rainbow), and this worked well.  I did this because the hood is lapped over itself for the back closure, and I didn't want to also stretch it back there.  Though this is a smock made of stretchy fabric, so you could probably stretch evenly all over and that would be fine too.

9. Used about 4x1 inches of velcro for closure, running along where the collar meets the back.  (See above.)

10. I added a slit about 6 inches up the front so it can go down past the top tube better and she can get better knee coverage.

All done!

Front view spread out

Side and front views

On the bike

Early on the bike view, before the hood was attached, so you can see how she is holding onto the handles of the Tyke Toter inside.

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