Thursday, August 11, 2016

Retrospective on the Early Morning Poo

I'd planned to do Elimination Communication from birth with Gwendolyn, and still remain a bit disappointed with myself for taking over 5 months to actually get started.  I had various reasons and all that, and I understand that when we started EC probably has little-to-no barring on anything later in life, but I am sad about missing out on the newborn EC experience, since by all reports it's different than EC with an older baby.

So from time to time I reflect back on those days, and my confusion as I tried to get started.  For example, I'd read that babies normally pooped first thing in the morning. Not my baby, she pooped in the middle for the night for ages.  And wouldn't go back to sleep after. I remember observing that you could set your watch by her 5am middle of the night poop.  Nighttime EC was never part of my EC plans and I didn't want to encourage pooping in the middle of the night by trying EC with her, but intended to EC her morning poop once she grew into that elimination pattern. 

Looking back, it's funny that this was my perspective at the time.  5am is obviously the middle of the night.  Any self-respect child-free person knows this intuitively.  But after nearly 21 months of getting up between 5 and 6am with a little person who is inexplicably awake and energetic at this ridiculous hour of the day, I realize that she was, in actual fact, pooping first thing in the morning just as promised.  Pretending it wasn't morning did nothing to delay the poop or the beginning of our day.  I blamed the poop, but what I later learned to recognize was that the "middle of the night" poop was just a visible sign of her circadian rhythm.

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