Saturday, January 9, 2016

Smell and EC

Could there be a smell component to EC?  I'm reading "What's Going On In There", which is a book about child development.  Right now, its talking about senses of the newborn baby.  The strongest it touch, after which is the inner ear sense of balance/orientation/movement, after which is smell.  Vision especially, but also hearing are not well developed yet in newborns.  Of course, the sense of touch and orientation is a key component to a successful newborn EC practice, at least according to everyone I've ever talked to who had one, although I largely ignored them early and failed early.  But while a lot is said about signing and cue sounds, which are not a newborn's best senses, I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about smell and early EC.  When we did start EC, I always pottied by baby at the changing table, because we started out just offering at diaper changes, but after a while, as we started needing fewer fresh diapers, switched to carrying the potty with us room to room, under the perhaps mistaken assumption that getting to it super fast was the most important element of success.  I know many people only EC in the bathroom (at least at home), and bathrooms tend to take on faint but distinctive smells, and certainly if you lived in a traditional society with no indoor plumbing, I can only assume the place for elimination would take on a distinctive odor, so I wonder if a smell component of EC would help newborn babies, for whom smell is still one of their best senses.  Thoughts?

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