Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Goodbye Changing Table, Hello EC Station

My dresser is back in my corner of the room and back to just being my dresser, after it's almost 7-month hiatus serving a dual purpose as a changing table as well.  Yay!  Glad to have it back to myself!

We haven't used it as a changing table in around a month because the baby is just too wiggly to change on a table these days and we have better luck wrestling her into a diaper on the floor.  I'm really looking forward to underwear, even more than I expected!  In the mean time, here are our essentials: potty, a short stack of pad folded prefolds, spare cover(s) loaded and ready to go, wipes, changing pad, toys (oddly, a toy often gets things moving faster), and the dirty laundry basket.  

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