Sunday, June 7, 2015

EC Road Trip

This weekend is our first trip since beginning EC with the baby, second trip with her ever.  I'm nervous, since her first time peeing on the potty away from home was Friday, I'm afraid she won't be comfortable away from our normal routine, not to mention in front of a lot of relatively unfamiliar people, and she may not go on the potty much, so I basically filled a roller bag with cloth diapers. Fortunately, we're in the car and traveling with and to family, so no biggy to have a big suitcase of cloth diapers or need to do laundry, for this trip anyway.

Below will be the blow-by-blow, day-by-day account of pottying on our first EC trip.

Offered the potty before we left, and she went.  She was still dry and we offered the potty again after about an hour when we stopped to pick up grandma, and she went.  She was still dry when we stopped at a rest stop, but didn't pee when we offered the potty.  Though strictly speaking, giving her an opportunity at the potty wasn't really the point of the stop.  Mama was so busy giving the baby chances to pee, she forgot to offer HERSELF a pottytunity before leaving home.  Baby was wet and not interested in the potty when we stopped for food.  She was wet again and not interested in the potty when we got to our destination, my nephew's graduation.  When she got fussy during the ceremony, I took her to the public restroom and tried to get her to go on my lap (between my legs, that is, with my body acting as a potty ring/reducer), but this isn't something she's ever done before and I don't think she understood that this is an appropriate place to go potty.  She was still dry after the ceremony and peed a ton in the potty in the parking lot.  She proceeded to be dry all evening (several hours) through the graduation party at my sister's house.  We offered the potty at regular intervals and when she got fussy, but she seemed too distracted to go.  She was absolutely fascinated by the bag of toilet paper rolls in my sister's bathroom, and didn't seem like she was even noticing me giving her the signal to go.  She also seemed too distracted to nurse, so perhaps she was somewhat dehydrated.  She went on the floor next to the potty when we got to the hotel (not her fault at all, daddy cued her when she wasn't properly lined up with the potty).  She didn't poop all day, which had me kind of worried.  

Overnight, we don't even try to do EC.  She gets a massive cloth diaper with a stay-dry liner: the equivalent of about 3-4 daytime diapers.  She nursed a lot once we got to the hotel, and then every 60-90 minutes between 3am and 7:30 when I gave up the ghost and got up.  Normally I hope for a dry diaper in the morning (unlikely to happen this early, but a mama can hope), but after my concerns about dehydration last night, I was happy to find an utterly soaked overnight diaper in the morning.  She peed on the potty when we got up.  And then less than an hour later when we were ready to go to breakfast, she was already wet again.  Well, at least she's had plenty to drink.  When she got pretty fussy at the end of breakfast, I brought her to the public restroom and say her on my lap again, and this time I heard a tinkle.  Though her diaper was already damp.  She again was too busy playing with the toilet paper at my sister's house to go, but when I took the potty outside to the yard, she went on it without a problem.  After this, she was dry for an hour, didn't go before we got in the car to drive home, and was still dry when we got home after napping for pretty much the entire 3 hour drive.

Upon arriving home, I offered her the potty right away.  Basically as soon as she and the potty were to a tiled part of the house.  Nothing.  How does she not need to go?  It's been almost 48 hours since she pooped (normally poops at least once per day), and 4 hours since she peed.  I moved the potty back to it's normal position and put her on it.  I gave her a book to "read" (i.e. chew on), and shortly there was a massive poop.  Followed by 3 more massive poops in rapid succession. We gave her another minute, then diapered and nursed.  I was still a little concerned that she hadn't peed yet, so when she popped off the boob after less than 10 minutes and started wiggling, I offered the potty again, and she peed right away.  Then she nursed some more and the same thing happened, so I offered the potty again and she pooped again.  I know adult women who have a strong preference for pooping at home (almost inability to poop elsewhere), but I was not expecting such a thing from my little EC baby.

Anyway, she ended up only getting 5 or 6 regular wet diapers (thought it was 5, but there's one I can't account for in the clean diapers that came home), 1 massively soaked overnight diaper, none dirty, and 6 catches while we were away, plus 1 right before we left and 3 as soon as we got home, for 10 total catches.  This was in 28 hours away from home.

My baby continues to impress me. We've only been doing EC with any level of seriousness (i.e. consistency) for about 4 weeks, and our very first catch away from home was Friday. I was expecting few to no catches and to never hear the end of it from my parents (who were traveling with us).

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