Sunday, May 17, 2015

Warre Beehive Assembled!

About 2 weeks ago, honeybees moved into my compost bin.  I've always thought it would be kinda cool to keep bees, and it looks like now is the time to get started.

I got a hive kit from Bee Thinking in Portland to move the bees from my compost bin into.  I added the plexiglass windows myself because I didn't want to wait 2 extra weeks for them to have the window version in stock. And obviously, as a hobby beekeeper, I'm obviously gonna need windows. 

Next step: moving the bees! As I understand this involve taking the comb they've already built out of my compost bin and carefully tying it onto the comb hangers in my hive box. Yes, I have a bee suit. And yes, I will find someone else to hold the baby while I do bee work.

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